The impact of guest needs on digitisation

iQ Phone im Hotelzimmer Dorint Oberursel

The Dorint Hotel Frankfurt Oberursel is part of the Dorint Hotels & Resorts chain and was opened in June 2016. The four-star hotel, well-known for its wellness oasis, has taken the next step towards digitisation and from now on optimises its guest service with the innovative iQ Phone solution by Betterspace. The iQ Phone is the perfect combination of HD video phone and digital guest directory. The hardware component, the Maxwell 10 phone, is produced by Gigaset pro. The iQ Phone combines all advantages of the innovative digital guest directory with those of the excellent video phone. Thanks to the 10.1” touch-screen display all hotel guests now have the latest information available in their rooms at any time.

Innovative solutions are a requirement

The Dorint Hotel Frankfurt-Oberursel responds to the changing needs of hotel guests. It doesn’t matter whether it’s business or leisure guests we are talking about: Nowadays, everyone is accustomed to using modern means of communication to find out information or browse the Internet anywhere and anytime. The Internet has become the standard that no one wants to live without. But not every guest carries his tablet or laptop along and, in the long run, surfing the Internet on a small smartphone screen is rather annoying. With the iQ Phone, the hotel has now found the perfect solution for the changing needs of their quests and has also found the perfect partner with Betterspace. Guests will no longer have to dispense with anything during their stay in the ultra-modern 140-room-hotel.

iQ Phone – as good as it gets

The iQ Phone with its integrated digital guest directory offers guests all the latest information on current offers, the surrounding area and excursion tips. The best part is that guests don’t even have to leave their rooms to access it. Naturally, the iQ Phone is also perfectly suited for making phone calls. There is a direct line available to reception as well as room service. Even video conferences with family, friends or business partners are not a problem with the iQ Phone. The intuitive and simple handling ensures that every guest can use the iQ Phone. After all, there is a lot to discover.

iQ Phone

Dorint Frankfurt-Oberursel – Digital and guest-oriented at the same time

For Sören Mölter general manager Dorint Frankfurt-Oberursel his guests are what matters most. This is the reason why the needs of his guests are the first priority: “We want to make our guests’ stay in our beautiful hotel as convenient and comfortable as possible. With the iQ Phone we offer our guests a fantastic solution that gurantees a perfect connection and optimal communication between us and our guests.” The iQ Phone underlines the modern character of the four-star hotel and ensures our guests are satisfied. With the innovative solution, the Dorint Hotel thus meets the growing demand for digitisation and is now perfectly equipped for a digital future.

Gigaset pro and Betterspace – Standing up for the digitisation of the hotel industry

“Nowadays, the hotel industry is unimaginable without smart solutions and innovative products. Digitisation is advancing and developing from a trend to the standard. If you want to stand out from the competition you should deal with this topic and the changed needs of your customers rather sooner than later.”, Benjamin Köhler, Head of Sales at Betterspace, explains. The cooperation between Gigaset pro and Betterspace is a logical consequence of this development. Both partners aim at accelerating digitisation in the hotel industry – and the symbiosis of hardware and software couldn’t be more beneficial for hoteliers and guests.