Betterspace 7 Hotel Trends For 2019

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Keep An Eye On These 7 Trends For The Hotel Industry

In the past years, the trends for the hospitality industry were influenced by digitization. Hoteliers can expect that in 2019 the focus will be on the guest and his wish for personalized experiences in the hotel. Instead of ordinary services and amenities, hoteliers offer their guests individual stays and experiences. Prepare yourself and your hotel for the hotel industry trends in 2019 and confidently start the new year.

Trend No. 1: Mobile Hotel Technologies

The mobile trend in hotels won’t stop in 2019. Mobile check-in is already common in numerous hotels. In 2019 however, hotels will go one step further and let their guests open the doors to ther hotel rooms via smartphone. The digital room key is a hotel trend 2019 as well as mobile payment. With the expansion of Apple Pay, the mobile payment method already came into focus in 2018. In 2019 mobile payment will be of more interest in the hotel industry.

Hotel guest checks into hotel via Smartphone and hotel app

Trend No. 2: Hotel Cloud

Another trend is the cloud for hotels. More and more hotels are switching to the cloud-based solutions – for a reason, of course. The cloud can be linked to many different soft- and hardware solutions in the hotel and simplify processes in the hotel. The cloud provides an uncomplicated and central administration, without additional hardware. With our Betterspace 360° Hotel Cloud for example, the digital solutions are connected to each other and thus ensure a special guest experience. A good example for how digitization makes the everyday hotel life a lot easier.

Trend No. 3: Internet of Things

Internet of Things is one oft he biggest hotel trends 2019. The connection to the Internet of everyday objects like light, heating and television creates a new guest experience. Hotel guests can easily control the devices as they please. Our digital guest directory iQ Tab in combination with the intelligent room control iQ Roomcontrol, for example, turns a hotel into a smart hotel. With the tablet computer heating can be regulated, blinds can be controlled and the light can be turned on and off. When linked to the cloud, a guest’s preferences can even be saved for his next stay.

Virtual assistant Alexa in hotel room

Trend No. 4: Virtual Assistants for Voice Control In Hotels

Another trend for the hospitality industry are virtual assistants that support voice control. In 2019, this trend will not only spread in private households but also in hotels. Hotel guests can use voice commands to let the virtual assistant play his favorite music or order something from room service. Thanks to the connection of IoT solutions to the cloud, hotel guests control the light, heating and television via voice. The digital conversation partner is available to guests day and night. In variousAmerican hotels, Alexa and co. were already tested in the last year.

Trend No. 5: Hotel Chatbots And AI

If your guests do not want to talkt o virtual assistants, they get the chance to communicate with chatbots. On a hotel’s own website and messenger platforms chatbots are already answering the questions of hotel guests automatically. Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides even more personalization in live chats. In 2019, chatbots in combination with AI will be able optimize the interaction with the guests and respond even better to their concerns. This ensures more service for hotel guests and relieves the staff at the same time. They will only be notified if the chatbot does not know the answer.

Robots at the reception desk

Trend No. 6: Robots In Hotels

The digitization in hotels does not stop with chatbots. In 2019, robots can be found in hotels more often. They welcome hotel guests, help with the check-in and answer customer’s questions thanks to AI. Robots in the hotel even deliver snacks and hygiene articles to the hotel room. Robots do not replace your hotel staff, but rather assist them in their work. Betterspace’s customer Rilano is already using the mini-bar robot Jeeves in their hotel in Munich. Don’t worry, we are still far away from an all-robot hotel like the Henn’na Hotel in Japan.

Trend No. 7: Environmental Protection And Sustainablility

In 2019, a greater focus will be set on environmental protection and sustainability. Guests expect environmentally friendly behavior at the hotel. In 2018, discussions were already underway about eliminating plastic drinking straws in hotels and restaurants. Plastic articles in hotels will gradually be replaced by reusable and ecologically degradable versions. Moreover, energy saving will play an important role as well. With digital solutions such as iQ Roomcontrol, which regulates the temperature in hotel rooms, hotels can reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Of course, electric mobility in hotels and therefore smart e-charging stations also play a major role in 2019.

Smart e charging station for hotels to charge electric cars

Digitalisierung im Hotel geht weiter

Digitisation of the hotel industry will not stop in 2019. On the contrary. With the help of digital solutions, hoteliers will create more individuality for their guests and be more attentive to their wishes. In 2019, everything will revolve around offering hotel guests personalised experiences in the hotel. At the same time, digital solutions will make everyday hotel work easier. It is important not to lose track of the many solutions and to lose track. Keep an eye on the hotel trends and find out which ones suit your hotel and your guests. Then nothing can go wrong in 2019.