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The holistic 360° solution for your intelligent hotel

Added value

Perfect the digital Guest Journey

With better.hotel you can efficiently exploit the full potential of hotel digitization. Delight your guests with lasting impressions. Offer them a completely new experience before, during and after their stay in your hotel. Let yourself be inspired by the countless possibilities offered by our smart 360° software. In short, tease the best out of your hotel!

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360° digitization

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Central administration

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High scalability

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Easy operation

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Future-oriented technology

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Optimal information flow

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> 60 hospitality interfaces

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Encrypted data transfer

Intelligent software

Exceed all expectations of digitization with flexibility

better.hotel ist the foundation for automated processes, rising revenue and more sustainability in hotels. The intelligent software optimizes guest communication, enhances energy efficiency and creates the perfect infrastructure in your hotel. We adapt the 360° concept behind successful digitization individually to your wishes and needs. The modular structure ensures that we find the right solution for every hotel. Let yourself be inspired.

Digital. Connected. Intelligent.

Revolutionize your everyday work at the hotel

With the 360° digital solution, we bring your hotel and your service to the next level together. With better.hotel, you generate more revenue, reduce costs and relieve you employees at the same time. The 360° solution is your foundation for combining, simplifying and automating processing in your hotel.

“The smart solutions support us in our work. We gain in service and at the same time have an eye on optimized work processes, costs and upselling.”

Eike Sadewater, Managing Director Romantik Hotel Scheelehof


More freedom thanks to digitization

Say goodbye to isolated solutions and limited possibilities. Discover a completely new freedom. Our interface competence lets you easily integrate all our solutions into your existing structure. With more than 50 interfaces, our solutions make your everyday hotel life easier. In addition to well-known PMS providers, these include well-known rating portals and platforms as well as many other solution providers for the hotel industry.

  • PMS software
  • POS systems
  • Operations software
  • Communication software
  • Payment software
  • Door locking systems
  • Rating platforms

Thanks to the interfaces, the smart and intelligent software by Betterspace is easily connected to your PMS software as well as various other solutions for the hospitality industry. Learn more about your guests, their wishes and needs. In the end, we offer you the opportunity to get in touch with your guest digitally in different ways during the entire Guest Journey and meet their wishes.

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The digital guest directory creates the perfect connection to your guests

Meet your guests not only at the reception desk, but also reach your guest with the smart software solution better.guest before during and after their stay at you hotel. The digital guest directory better.guest helps you to reach your guest at exactly the right moment via push-messages or simultaneous translated chats in all languages, whether via tablet, app or TV. In addition, our smart software for digital guest communication offers you many more options to get in touch with your guests – whether business travelers, holiday guest or families.

Create completely new customer touchpoints inside and outside your hotel with better.guest and say goodbye to the limits of face-to-face communication. Reach your guests at any time and everywhere. With the help of valuable statistics, you can adapt the topics and offers exactly to the interests of your guests. Experience how optimized communication and relieved staff have a positive effect on your guests’ stay in the hotel. Simply increase turnover and occupancy in the hotel and create new regular guests!

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Smart hotels are energy efficient, sustainable and green

Reduce your energy costs, which represent a considerable part of the operating costs, especially in hotels, with the help of Our intelligent energy management software helps you to improve the energy efficiency of your hotel, achieve real savings thanks to optimized, automated and digitalized processes. Experience how easy it is to integrate into existing structures, optimize operating processes and at the same time promote sustainability.

In addition, helps you identify energy guzzlers and discover unusual consumption patterns. Thanks to informative reports and warnings, you are not only always well informed about the consumption in your hotel, but also react immediately in case of damage to the control system. In addition, the savings also improve the environmental balance of your hotel. This gives your hotel a green and sustainable image.

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better.hotel for every hotel

Evolving software solutions for all types of hotels

Our 360° digitalization concept works the same for every hotel, no matter whether your hotel is small or large, privately owned or part of a hotel chain, whether it is a business, leisure or wellness hotel. Depending on your requirements, the smart digitization solution is scaled as you wish, so that hostels, guesthouses, inns, as well as entire hotel chains can be managed quickly and easily.

360° software solutions

Continued growth with the help of digitization

better.hotel solutions offer you a variety of advantages over conventional solutions. Our solution is entirely web-based and no longer needs to be physically installed in your hotel. That means that you have access to your software solutions anytime and anywhere. All you need is an Internet-enabled computer, a tablet or smartphone. Your guests will always have your hotel in their pocket and are well informed.

Reduced IT-infrastructure

Customizable to any hotel

Intuitive and easy operation

For the entire Guest Journey

“We chose Betterspace as the provider of all the solutions because they work so well together and that significantly improves the communication and cooperation between the systems.”

Michel Vogel, General Manager Dorint Hotel & Sportresort Winterberg/Sauerland

“A partner you can rely on and who understands the wishes and concerns of hotelier and guest.”

Simone Herse, General Manager Forsthaus Damerow