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Savings potential better.guest

The perfect tool for sustainable cost reduction in your hotel


So productive and efficient anywhere in your hotel

Your digital guest directory not only helps you to significantly improve your communication and increase your guest’s satisfaction. From now on, you can also save costs – easily and without effort.

Avoid ​printing costs

Cut ​material expenses

Reduce ​personnel costs

Minimize ​cleaning costs

Reduce hotel costs

Printed room folders are yesterday, today hoteliers use digital solutions

You do not need to print out guest information ever again. All special offers and information can be made available to your guests with the digital guest directory. With better.guest your guests are always up to date. In the lobby, in the hotel room or on the road – with digital guest directories, printed information is a thing of the past. Experience how easy it can be to reduce printing costs and say goodbye to paper chaos.



You easily integrate the latest offers, tips for events or a flyer for the theme park nearby into your digital guest directory better.guest. Say goodbye to brochures, leaflets and information folders with unpleasant traces of use and the costs associated with them. In addition, the printed hotel room folder is not a highlight for your guest and will be ignored in the worst case.

Avoid printing costs

How to easily reduce printing costs with the digital guest directory

Of course the guest directory has to be kept up-to-date. With the digital guest directory, it takes only one click to update your content. That is not possible with printed hotel information folders. These information folders for hotel guests have to be reprinted and replaced manually. That is time-consuming and expensive.

“Leather-bound guest directories in the hotel rooms, printed versions of daily newspapers, mountains of reservation correspondences in folders are all yesterday’s news” Florian Schuhmayer, Hotel Manager AMEDIA Hotel Linz

Reduce material costs

Say no to expensive hotel room folders

Of course, you want only the best for your guests. Elegant black folders made of leather are very suitable to present your hotel’s own information for guests and they are cheaper than digital guest directories, you think? You can find a simple black leather folder on the Internet for an average of 60 €. As an owner of a hotel with 50 rooms, you order 60 of them, just in case. After all, you will surely need a substitute. That makes material costs in the amount of 3,600 Euro for leather-bound guest folders. On top of this, your printing costs will be added.

On average, you pay 0.16 cents per color copy. For 20 pages, this is an additional 320 € per year. You fill the folders yourself. At this point, we prefer to disregard the effort involved in replacing the information in your guest directory. So, you spend just under 4,000 € on folders that show unpleasant signs of use and that hardly any guest takes a look at. A lot of money for little effect. It is better to invest this money in digital guest directories. The smart hotel information folders do not cost more, but they increase your turnover and refinance themselves almost automatically.

Material costs (incl. replacement)

60 folders x 60 Euro = 3.600 Euro per year

Printing costs

20 pages x 0,16 Euro = 3,20 Euro per room

3,20 Euro per room x 20 rooms = 160 Euro per year

Total costs (without personnel costs)

If you update twice a year you will have pure material and printing costs of more than 4,000 Euro per year. On top of that, you have to tie up staff to exchange the slips of paper in each individual room.

Cancel room cleaning

Reduce cleaning costs with the digital guest directory

Offer your guests a way to cancel the daily room cleaning when it is not needed. With the help from your digital guest directory, you can easily inform your guests about the possibility to cancel the daily cleaning of their hotel room. Explain to your guests how uncomplicated it can be to support the environment and climate protection. All they have to do is cancel the daily room cleaning service. This saves water and ensures less sewage. With the help of the smart guest directories, you reduce personnel and operating costs.

Did you know that…?

The average cost of room cleaning is around 7.30 euros per hotel room. If a hotel guest cancels the room cleaning service with the digital guest folder only once a month per hotel room, you have already refinanced the license costs for this.

“The room cleaning cancel function in the digital guest directory opens up a completely new way for us to conserve both energy and personnel resources and thus counteract the shortage of personnel and at the same time the environmental impact”. Daniel Welter, Hotel Manager VdK Kur- und Erholungshotel

Relieve hotel staff

Give your employees more time for your guests

In a time when the word “staff shortage” dominates the news, the digital guest directory better.guest gives you a crucial advantage. Use this advantage and give your staff the opportunity to focus on important tasks.

Your guests are always well informed

What are the breakfast times? How long can I use the sauna? When do I have to check out? Your team at the reception desk does not have to answer recurring questions repeatedly, thanks to the digital guest directory. This gives your staff more time to focus on the individual wishes of your guests.

The latest newspapers and magazines

Your housekeepers do not have to replace weekly TV magazines and other papers in all rooms. The digital guest directory always provides the latest TV magazines. Your guests can choose from a wide range of magazines and thus do not have to do without their favorite magazine even when on holiday.

Information updated in seconds

The display of current offers in every hotel room by hand and the updating of your analogue hotel room folder does not take up any more time. You update your information on the digital guest directory simultaneously in all rooms at the push of a button without having to enter each room individually

Reduce personnel costs

The booking tool reduces the workload

Thanks to the digital guest directory better.guest, the workload for your reception staff is reduced noticeably. This saves your staff time and you money. With the booking tool, requests for additional pillows or table reservations for the hotel restaurant are dealt with in a very uncomplicated way.

You can easily integrate external service providers, such as beauticians and masseurs. Your guests book free appointments for massages or spa treatments directly and uncomplicatedly from their hotel room. Of course, you always have an overview of all integrated calendars and booked services.

This can reduce the workload for your reception team by up to 15 percent overall. You can relieve your staff and thus contribute to improving the quality of your service. In addition, the booking assistant helps to increase your turnover.