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This is how you have your hotel energy management under control

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Elegant wireless thermostats without frills

The smart LoRaWAN wireless radiator thermostats are perfectly adapted to their use in hotels. Without buttons or frills, the thermostats impress with their durability and simple yet elegant design. Guests set their desired temperature by turning the outer ring and it is displayed in degrees on the front panel’s integrated numeric display in real time.

Easy mounting

The high-quality thermostats are easily installed without interfering with the heating system.

Timeless design

The thermostats blend seamlessly into any hotel room or meeting space.

Robust construction

The thermostats do not have any buttons or details that allow the guest to adjust anything other than the pre-set temperature.

Everything in view

The set temperature is clearly displayed on the numeric display on the front of the wireless thermostat.

Intelligent heating control

Heat your hotel intelligently and save money at the same time

Let regulate your heating in the hotel automatically. The occupancy-dependent control ensures feel-good temperatures when your guest arrives and keeps empty rooms at an efficient level.