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Some connections are indespensable

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Added value

How to easily increase the satisfaction of your guests

A comfortable bed and a good breakfast are only little pieces of the big puzzle. A reliable and safe infrastructure are part of the essential needs of your hotel guests as well.

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Reliable Internet access

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Surf the Internet with own device

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Entertainment around the clock

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Telephone calls in best quality

Wireless LAN

The Must-Have for hotels

WiFi in hotels is essential for guest. It is no longer an additional service to stand out from the comtetition, but a must-have. Business travelers in particular depend on reliable Internet access. With a reliable hotspot solution for hotels, guests do not have to do without contact with friends and family during the entire stay phase of the Customer Journey.

WiFi in the hotel offers guests more comfort and ensures greater guest satisfaction. Being online anytime and anywhere is already part of everyday life for many guests. That is why they do not want to do without the Internet during their journey. By providing free Internet access, hoteliers are responding to the guests’ wishes. Hotels without guest WiFi might not even be considered when choosing a hotel.

WLAN in the hotel


5 good reasons, why WiFi plays an important role in hotels

  1. WiFi is a decisive criterion when booking a hotel (more than 80 %)
  2. Free WiFi is an absolute added value for your guests
  3. Satisfied guests are willing to spend more money in hotels
  4. Hotel own services can be advertised specifically
  5. Guests interest can be easily and quickly analyzed
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TV systems

More than just television

Bring the content your guests want to see to the TVs in your hotel rooms. The TV system is precisely adapted to the needs of your guests. With its extensive range of functions, the system offers your guests the maximum entertainment experience.

Give your guests the choice of 64 TV channels in best HD quality, selected Sky programs as well as movies on Netflix. Your guests want more than just television. With the integration of streaming services, you create a special added value for your guest with the TV in the hotel room. Turn your TVs into modern entertainers in your hotel room with better.connect.

TV system

The best TV experience in hotel rooms

Offer your guests more choices on the TV in the hotel room. In addition to a huge selection of 64 HD TV channels and various pay TV channels, your guests can also watch countless movies and series on Netflix.

  • 64 HD TV channels
  • Pay TV channels
  • Streaming services
  • Digital guest directory
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Telephone system

Excellent quality for satisfied guests

he future-proof VoIP telephony has established itself. Offer your guests the comfort of modern communication with better.connect and the telephone system for your hotel. Use classic room telephones or let your guests make calls via the in-room tablet with the digital guest directory. With the modern solution for communication in the hotel, your guests can continue to make calls with the highest voice quality.

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