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VoIP telephone systems for hotels

Advanced technology with best voice quality

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Telephone system

The right hardware for your hotel

Replace your old telephone system with the modern Voice over IP solution. The future-proof alternative, telephony via the Internet, has established itself in hotels. The VoIP system can be expanded as required and thus individually adapted to the needs of each hotel. The telephone system can be integrated into your existing infrastructure independent of telephone manufacturers and providers. With better.connect you can use classic telephones or integrate the In-Room Tablet with better.guest as a room telephone for your guest.

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Modern VoIP telephony

The future-proof alternative for everyone

Highly scalable

Expand the number of extension individually to up to 3,000

Brand hardware

High-quality and reliable devices from well-known providers, like STARFACE

Appliance or virtual system

Broad choice of different systems, installed on-site or as a cloud version


Easily integrated in the hotel

Our experts set up the telephone system for you on site. For you, this means as little effort as possible. Our trained specialists carry out the initial configuration and operation of the telephone system.

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Cloud telephone system

Calling with the digital guest directory

Thanks to the softphone feature, our In-Room Tablets with the digital guest directory better.guest can be used as telephones. Your hotel guests call up the telephone function of the digital guest directory with one click, dial the telephone number and off you go.

With the practical optional Bluetooth handset, your guests can make phone calls just like with the classic telephone – only without additional hardware and costs. Of course, the smart guest directory with the cloud telephony feature is recognized by the European hotel classification. You do not have to worry about your hotel stars.

Phone calls with the digital guest directory
Hand with representation Cloud-computing


Installation, as if by itself

Everything you need for a cloud telephone system in your hotel is Internet access. The telephone system itself is no longer installed locally in the hotel, but in an external high-security data centre. You can easily manage your new virtual telephone system in our data centre via web access. All the functions you are used to from your local telephone system in the hotel, such as managing extensions, are of course also available to you with the cloud telephone system.