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5 reasons why the digital check-in is more hygienic

When the guest arrives at the hotel, he or she does not want to wait in line at the front desk with other guests who also want to check in or have a question for the hotel staff. Digital alternatives, such as check-in via smartphone, check-in terminal or tablet at the reception desk, can help here. And the digital check-in process is also an enormous relief for the employees. For example, registration forms are filled out digitally and stored securely. In addition, digital check-in at the hotel eliminates sources of error, for example in data maintenance.

The hygienic check-in alternative for hotels

However, this article will not discuss the general advantages of digital check-in. Today’s article is about the hygiene aspect of the check-in process. Hygiene and cleanliness currently play an important role in every area, be it private or professional, including the hotel stay and check-in. We have collected 5 reasons why the digital check-in is more hygienic than the classic process with pen and paper and waiting lines at the reception.

1. Physical contact is minimized

Whether via app or check-in terminal, guests fill out the registration form digitally, check in with just a few clicks and receive their room key cards directly from the smart terminal. This helps you in the hotel to ensure that the distance rules are observed in the public areas of the hotel. By speeding up the check-in process, you avoid waiting lines at the reception desk and crowds of people in the hotel lobby from the outset. This not only eliminates direct contact between the guest and the receptionist, but also avoids contact with other guests in the lobby.

2. Easy cleaning of the hardware

At least if your guest uses a check-in terminal or tablet at the reception for check-in, cleaning the used hardware is very easy. With the app even that is omitted. The hardware for the check-in process in the hotel, be it a check-in terminal or a tablet at the reception, can be cleaned and disinfected regularly without any problems. There is no more paper and pens that have to be replaced and disinfected after each use. With disinfection wipes for the guests checking in at the check-in terminal, you also give your guests a feeling of cleanliness and security. This builds trust between hotel and guest and ensures a hygienic environment.

3. Check-in times are flexibly expandable

The digital check-in allows guests to fill out the registration form before arriving at the hotel. Since both, the check-in terminal and the app, are in use around the clock, guests can check in independently and is not bound to the normal check-in times of the hotel. Even if the front desk is not manned, guests can check in quickly and easily with just a few clicks. The check-in times can be adjusted flexibly to the guest, but also to the guest rush. If you are expecting many guests to check in on the same day, the extended check-in times can help you avoid having too many people in the lobby at the same time.

4. Payments are processed contactlessly

For months now, supermarkets have been asking people to use contactless payment methods such as credit cards or a mobile payment method via smartphone – for reasons of hygiene. This is also possible in the hotel at check-in. When guests check in, they can enter their payment data directly and pay for their stay contactlessly. In this way, hoteliers can avoid guests paying with cash and the check-in and payment process is completed in one go.

5. Check-in without paperwork

Contact points, such as paper registration forms or pens for signatures, are easily avoided by digital check-in. Whether via app on the road or with the check-in terminal in the hotel lobby, the registration form is conveniently filled out digitally. This also saves paper and money and relieves employees, who would otherwise have to manually transfer the guest data from the registration form to the hotel software. The registration forms are then stored digitally. Paperless check-in is therefore not only hygienic, but also saves time, money and paper!

Fast, contact-free, hygienic: The digital check-in at hotels

Digital check-in is not only a fast, cost-efficient solution for hotels of all kinds. The entire check-in process becomes more hygienic with the digital alternative. Digital check-in ensures that hygiene measures and distance rules are more easily implemented in the hotel and contact points between hotel staff and guests are minimized. This ultimately protects your employees and guests.

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