Interfaces of 360 ° Hotel CloudOpen. Networked. Digital.

The Betterspace 360 ° Hotel Cloud has over 26 interfaces to the main providers of the hospitality sector. In addition to well-known PMS providers and well-known rating portals we are also connected to the metasearch engines and many other hotel solution providers. And the number of our interfaces is still rapidly growing.

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APIs and Interfaces Why interfaces are so important for hotel industry

Interfaces ensure economies of scale in the hotel and optimize hotel processes. In short, interfaces help you to make your hotel processes more effective and efficient. Without an API, digitalization in the hotel cannot work and brings no benefits for the hotel. The interfaces enables and regulates data and commands exchange between the smart 360 ° Hotel Cloud and various providers.

Stand-alone solutions have had their day and will disappear from the market. Our hotel platform combined with your interfaces give you the opportunity to digitize your hotel, leading to efficient, networked and data-driven system called “smart hotel”. Get a competitive edge over your competition and build a future-oriented system for your hotel – 360 ° Hotel Cloud from Betterspace.


PMS – Property Management Systems A heart and a soul

Permanent overview on the occupancy of your hotel, developed plans for the future, prepared invoices for your guest and much more – this is difficult to manage without your PMS system. The property management software is the basis of all processes in the hotel. Even more important is the harmony between your PMS and all other software solutions .

Of course, your software has no feelings, but it’s nonetheless intelligent. Therefore, it is essential that the digital solutions that has been acquired during your digitalization proces are able to communicate with each other. This is the ability of the smart software solution and its intelligent interfaces.

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Other interfacesHighly networked to increase the guest experience

The Hotel Cloud network from Betterspace is constantly growing thanks to the numerous interfaces. This not only helps to optimize your in-house processes, but also improve all processes related to the guest experience. Increase easily the satisfaction of your hotel guests!

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