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11 Good Reasons for the Digital Guest Directory

1. Recognition By The German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA)

According to the DEHOGA the digital guest directory iQ Tab fully replaces the printed guest folder. Printed guest folders do not have to be put into hotel rooms. Additionally, the German Hotel Classification recognized the telephone function of the digital guest directory. The smart guest directory replaces therefore the room telephone as well as the printed guest folder.

Guest calls from the hotel room with the digital guest directory iQ Tab with telephone feature by Betterspace
Digital guest directory with telephone feature is recognized by the DEHOGA

2. Impressive Range Of Functions Of The Digital Guest Directory

The digital guest directory replaces a large number of devices and objects in the hotel room, from the current TV programme to the Internet, an alarm clock or hotel information brochures and flyers. This ensures not only order in the hotel room, but also relieves the hotel staff. The functionalities of each guest directory are individually made for each hotel and on request, we integrate external Android apps or third-party systems. So, if you would like to integrate your hotel shop or the webcam from the beach, please contact us – we will make it possible! Of course, we will discuss the perfect solution for the hotel with each of our customers in advance.

3. Powerful Hardware Of The Smart Hotel Directory

The hardware of the digital guest directory iQ Tab is perfectly geared towards the needs of every hotel and, of course, to the needs of hotel guests. Compared to all other competitors, we rely exclusively on 10.1“ devices. These are not too small and ideal for reading content such as newspapers and magazines in high resolution. The digital guest directory is therefore not only a small functional miracle, but also a visual highlight in every hotel room.

The iQ Tab’s charging cradle has a precisely fitting guide rail and an additional USB port on the front. This eliminates the need for additional sockets for charging guest devices. In addition, the camera of the digital guest directory is only located on the back of the smart room folder, which provides more privacy in the hotel room.

Digital room folder from Betterspce with many features for a new guest experience and better guest communication
Digital room folder from Betterspce with many features for a new guest experience and better guest communication (Photo: Depositphotos)

4. Unlimited Individuality Of Each Digital Guest Directory

Each digital guest directory is individual, since we know that every hotel is different and unique in its own way. We support the individuality of each of our customers and create each design according to their ideas and wishes, optimally adapted to the respective hotel and its needs. With the digital guest directory, our customers highlight their hotel‘s character and represent their hotel in a modern light.

We produce the digital guest directory ready to use based on the corporate design of each hotel. The expenditure for the hotel is minimized by the turnkey first installation. After the delivery of the smart room folders, our customers simply set up their personal designed digital hotel directory. The number of tiles and volume of content of the smart guest directories is unlimited and each hotel may decide this for itself. Of course, the volume of content and number of tiles are freely selectable and afterwards everything can be individually adapted at any time.

5. Interface Of The Digital Guest Directory To PMS Systems

The digital guest directory iQ Tab offers more than 26 interfaces to the most important providers of the hospitality industry. These include Oracle, Infor, Protel, SIHOT, HS/3 and many more. Only with the help of these interfaces of the smart directory, additional functions, such as individual guest reception, access to invoices and the activation of rooms after cleaning, are possible.

„The personal welcome of the guests is of great importance to us. Thanks to the new tablets, we can now do this individually, directly and – for the sake of the environment – paperless in our rooms.“

– Mrs. Herse, Hotel Manager of Forsthaus Damerow.

Of course, Betterspace also offers a number of interfaces to other systems such as Book-a-Table, TAC, Open Table, Customer Alliance or iiQ Check. This makes processes in the hotels of our customers easier and saves lot of time and money.

6. Unique Support And Quality Assurance For Digital Guest Directory iQ Tab

Customer service has high priority. Each of our customers is important to us and therefore we have the perfect solution for every customer. We offer three different software packages for the digital guest directory. This enables us to provide every hotel, whether it is a two-star bed and breakfast hotel or a five-star luxury hotel, with a smart room directory that fits perfectly. Each of the software packages naturally include individual support and the highest quality of service.

That is not something we just claim – our customers state the same!

„Even today, six months after the delivery, I‘m always happy to call my contact person at Betterspace, feel well cared for and feel, that my requests and wishes are implemented accordingly. As we had hoped, no request for a change of the iQ Tab software has ever been denied.“

– Mr. Kuc, Head of Sales at Best Western Plus Hotel Böttcherhof
Guest orders room service with the digital guest directory in the hotel room
Sophisticated ordering system for optimized hotel workflows

7. Booking-Optimized Workflows With The Smart Guest Room Directory

The digital guest directory iQ Tab from Betterspace has a fully developed inquiry and ordering system that can be flexibly and individually adapted to the processes and needs of each hotel. A sophisticated shopping cart feature, that is part of the inquiry and ordering system, enables hotel guests to book services and offers in the hotel quickly and smoothly. Guests can easily order several products at the same time.

The booking assistant for the digital guest directory iQ Tab makes it even easier for hotel guest. They immediately see if an appointment is free and book the services directly. That also means that if all massage appointments for today are fully booked, hotel guests recognize this at once and only schedule massage appointments at the hotel for the next day.

In summary, our hotel-customers maximize their turnover by integrating the digital guest directory iQ Tab into their daily hotel routine. In addition, hotels save both time and money thanks to optimized and simplified booking processes in the hotel.

„Thanks to the booking assistant, we have our bookings much better under control than before, the system is very clear, intuitive and user-friendly. This also helped us to increase guest satisfaction.“

– Maarten Bars, Director of Rhön Park Hotel Aktiv Resorts

8. Brilliant Telephone Feature Of The Digital Guest Directory

Our digital guest directory iQ Tab has a telephone feature and is therefore able to replace room telephones. With our Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 we offer our customers the perfect digital guest directory with the highest sound quality. As we are also experts for VoIP telephone systems, in addition to the digital guest directory, we can of course, if desired, supply you with the appropriate complete telephone system for cost-effective and reliable telephoning in the hotel, at the same time.

Our customers are convinced of the future-proof telephone alternative. Thanks to the telephone function of the digital guest directory, the Waldhotel Albachmühle received even more stars from the German hotel classification.

„I‘m thrilled that the new digital guest directories can also be used as room telephones, I wasn‘t aware of that at first. Every day, I discovered more functions and features and the decision to install the right telephone system iQ Phonesystem was made qickly.“

– Mrs. Fiedler, Owner of Waldhotels Albachmühle
Digital guest directory as a remote control for the intelligent room control iQ Roomcontrol
Digital guest directory as a remote control for the intelligent room control iQ Roomcontrol

9. Interface To The Intelligent Room Control iQ Roomcontrol

The digital guest directory can be used as a remote control for our intelligent room control, which saves up to 31 percent energy, thanks to the interface of the digital guest directory iQ Tab to our smart home system for hotels iQ Roomcontrol.

„I can‘t imagine anything better for a hotelier than using a digital solution to optimize internal processes, conserve resources, improve guest communication and at the same time make oneself, the staff and guests happier.“

– Andreas Tedsen, Managing Director of Hotel Lüttje Burg and Vice President of DEHOGA Schleswig-Holstein

10. Special Features Of The Digital Guest Directories

Additionally, our smart room directory has a range of functions and features that no other competitor offers in its entirety. In addition to the booking assistant and the shopping cart feature, these include the Service Mode for checking the status of hotel rooms, a clear navigation bar and clear structures as well as the greeting card function. Just like the tablet in the hotel room itself, this function is exciting more and more hotel guests and hoteliers.

„The iQ Tab offers the option to send greetings to your friends with just one click. This not only increases the awareness of our hotel, but also allows us to know how much our guests appreciate the iQ Tabs.“

– Mr. Bohlen, Hotel Das Ahlbeck

„We chose Betterspace and the digital guest directories because we were completely convinced by the offer.“

– Martina Koehly, Management Director of Ringhotel Badblick

11. Unbeatable Duo: Cloud Telephone System And Smart Guest Directory

The smart hotel information folder not only replaces the room telephone, but in combination with the cloud telephone system, your entire telephone system hardware in your hotel. That not only provides more space, but also drastically reduces the costs for telephony in the hotel. Expensive hardware and maintenance costs for static telephone systems are therefore no longer a problem. The cloud system, operated with state-of-the-art VoIP technology, is installed in an external high-security data center and is easily managed via web access. All functions, such as the administration of extensions, are of course also available with the cloud telephone system.

Betterspace – The Competent Expert For Digitization In Hotels

In addition to all these advantages of the digital guest directories, there is another decisive argument in favor of Betterspace as the provider of digital guest folders. Betterspace is not only a provider of smart hotel room folders, but also a competent partner and contact for digitization in hotels. We are your integrated provider for digital software applications, whether it is VoIP telephone systems, digital guest directories, energy management or WLAN solutions – and that is what our customers say.

After all, there are already 600 hotels in Betterspace’s customer base, and almost half of our customers only convinced themselves of our smart solutions last year.

„The cooperation with Betterspace is very pleasant, professional and characterized by dedicated and understanding employees who are willing to do more for you than you are used to.“

– Mr. von Auenmüller, Hotel Manager of Haus Hainstein in Eisenach

„I‘m very delighted with the smart solutions for my hotel.“

– Stefan Frankfurth, General Manager at Parkhotel Emstaler Höhe