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10 ways to use the in-room tablet and score big

How the digital guest directory can help hotels now

Cutting costs, boosting sales, saving paper, and, and, and… We have already often talked about why the digital guest directory on tablets in the hotel room is so valuable. That is why we are now focusing on how hoteliers can exploit the full potential of the digital guest directory. Providing guests with information on the elegant tablet in the hotel room is important, of course. But the smart assistant can do so much more. Because the digital all-rounder in the hotel room helps you especially now in offering your guests additional service, special entertainment and interactive offers. We have put together a few tips and ideas how you can exploit the full potential of the in-room tablet.

First and foremost, it is important that your guest knows about the possibilities and advantages of the digital guest directory. Make sure to draw your guests’ attention to the in-room tablet and its many functions and features as soon as they check in. The digital guest directory also needs to be up-to-date. Take a closer look at the content on your tablets and update breakfast times if necessary or replace old pictures of the hotel with new ones. Also important now are the hygiene instructions, which your guest can find on the tablet around the clock. With this you have already created an important basis for the digital guest directory in your hotel. Now, you can creatively expand your digital offer on the in-room tablets. With these 10 tips for the smart guest directory, you can really score points with your guests with the tablet in hotel rooms:

1. Tips without limitations

The wellness area is still closed, the hotel restaurant has changed its opening hours and your guest has to do without the breakfast buffet? Why don’t you show him what he can do instead without any restrictions on the tablet? Offer him alternatives and draw his attention to them with personalized push messages. Instead of just reading what he cannot do at the moment, he prefers to inform himself about his options in the hotel and the surrounding area.

2. Easily order room service

By clicking on the tablet, your guests order a sandwich or a bottle of wine from room service when they don’t feel like going to a restaurant. Make it even easier for your guest to order something and put the tile directly on the start screen of your guest directory. This will directly draw your guest’s attention to what is offered in the hotel. Quickly and easily, guests order something to their rooms to their heart’s content and always have an overview of your offers. In this way, you can easily increase the number of roomservice orders.

3. Clever cooperations for happy guests

Also integrate local or regional partners into the digital guest directory. The ice-cream parlor next door is looking forward to new customers and your guests to a voucher for a free ice-cream scoop, which you will find exclusively in the digital guest directory. Not only will you benefit from satisfied guests, but you can also rent the space in the digital guest directory to various partners to earn additional money. From an e-bike shop to a ski rental, every hotel will find the right partner – or several.

4. Let your guest do good for the environment

Let your guests actively participate in environmental protection while avoiding contact points between hotel staff and guests. With the Green Option, your guest simply cancel the daily room cleaning with the digital guest directory. In return, your guest receives a voucher for a coffee at your bar. This not only saves time and money, but also motivates your guest to visit your bar or restaurant. And the fact that they can actively participate in environmental protection gives them a good feeling, too. Also the green image of your hotel should not be neglected right now.

5. Table reservations made easy

Let your guest make a table reservation in the restaurant quickly and easily with the tablet. This way your guest can see exactly when there are still seats available in the restaurant. Especially in restaurants that cannot be completely occupied due to distance regulations, table reservations help to shorten waiting times. The restaurant can plan better and knows in advance how busy the restaurant will be. It is also worthwhile to integrate the menu into your digital guest directory. With appealing pictures, the guest can already put together his or her desired menu in the room. Or give your guest the option to order something to eat in the restaurant in half an hour time quickly and easily via the tablet in the hotel room. This way your guests do not have to sit in the restaurant for a long time and wait for the meal.

6. Do you know „Tablet-Bingo“?

No? Your guests probably do not either. Thanks to the digital guest directory, they do not have to miss out on entertainment and events in the hotel. The multifunctional guest directory in the hotel room is the perfect connection between the hotel and guests. Hygienic, contactless and simply different, the in-room tablet can be used to stream entertainment offers live into the hotel room. Thus, every guest can participate in the events, regardless of the number of guests. For example, transfer your bingo evening live to the tablet and let your guests play along from their hotel room – until the winner sends a “Bingo!” to the reception via chat. The live streaming is of course also possible for other entertainment offerings, such as a play or live concert.

7. Digitally top equipped

Not needed information material, flyers and magazines were removed from hotel rooms and the lobby, but your guests do not have to do without them. With the integration of reading circles, such as sharemagazines, your guests in the hotel have a huge selection of daily newspapers and magazines available on the in-room tablet. This way, your favorite magazine can be read on the tablet at any time of day or night. This way, you can also reduce paper consumption and save your employees the effort of regularly changing the print material.

8. Ready for a challenge?

Use the digital guest directory to create a challenge for your hotel guests. Encourage your guests to share pictures or e-greeting cards on social media to take part in a raffle for a free overnight stay or a voucher for their next trip. With every shared picture that friends and family then see on Facebook and the like, your popularity increases. Or let kids get creative and draw pictures of their vacation at your hotel, which you can then include in the digital guest directory. This is not only fun for your little guests, but also creates trust and guest loyalty.

9. Communicate via push messages

Communication always up-to-date – not a problem with push messages. Simply send the current daily dish directly to your guest on the tablet or draw his attention to a free massage appointment in the afternoon. In this way, you can stay in contact with your guest during the entire stay and can be sure that the message gets to the right guest. Thanks to the digital guest directory, you can count on personal and fast communication in the hotel despite distance rules and hygiene measures.

10. The hotel to-go

Offer your guests special, new services that they can easily book with the tablet, for example a lovingly packed picnic basket with everything their heart desires or a perfectly equipped hiking backpack for a hike in nature. Your guests can also bring special treats from the hotel for those at home. Offer the “hotel to-go” with homemade jam from the hotel or a souvenir decorated with the hotel logo, your guests simply order via the In-Room Tablet in an online shop. In this way you cleverly use the cross-selling potential of the digital guest directory and give your guest a piece of the hotel to take home, to friends or relatives.

Turn ideas into reality in your hotel now

There are no limits to your creativity with the digital guest directory on the in-room tablet. With the tablet, you already have a valuable tool in your hotel rooms with which you can reach your guests – digitally, contactless and secure. Whether you want to use the smart assistant to increase your sales or offer your guests a special service, the tablet will help you achieve your goals. So why not fully exploit its potential? You already have the right tool. Now it’s up to you to use it creatively.